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Give an unwanted pet a home... please!

Lori's dog DUKE (he just looks like a sweet squishy stuffed toy)

And here is Buddy's dog Ernie (PROUDLY submitted to me by his doting daddy)

And here is Keith's baby "Ethel" (LOL LOL LOL)

Here are Diana's babies Patches, Tootsie, and Tommy indulging in one of their favorite pasttimes - bug watching!

These are Mary's babies - Max the lab and sweet Rosie the Heinz 57

Here are Wendy's baby boys (RIP Goliath)

And here is Diane's Molly, a cocker spaniel

Now here is a family after my own heart - Nicole has four (and counting?) baby "weiner" dogs - Copper, Charlie, Gracie, and Oliver.

Here is Carmela's dear baby Jake

May I now present - Michelle's mom and pup combo - Lori and Jackson!

Here is Tim's baby Phoenix, waiting on dad's chest for some lovin'

This is Sadie, Harold and Kathy's business Security System...

And here is Kara's Oscar, ready for the winter weather we're having today!

Bonnie and Doug report that rescued Riggs loves to talk and sing...about how his mom and dad "gave an unwanted pet a home"!

And here is Alan's pride and joy - Maggie!

And Laurelle is waiting to see how Gabby (which is an appropriate name, she tells me) looks when she's finally all "growed up". Laurelle "gave an unwanted pet a home" from the nearby Humane Shelter!

Penni has 3 babies, one of whom was rescued from the Shelter and one of whom showed up on the front doorstep - that unwanted pet got a great home! Here's Dalton, Hunter, and Max!

          And here we have Amy's baby girl, Daisy!

Doesn't Kathy's baby Chloe look awesome in this black and white picture?

This is Terri's spoiled Miss Pebbles, going along on a bike ride with her daddy (and yes, that was an anniversary trip WITH the furbaby)

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